My Humble First Steps Into the World of Food Carving


Since my last post, I have begun (ever so ungraciously) to stumble into the amazing world of food carving. With award-winning food carver Sue Wagner as a beacon of light into a culinary dimension I know very little about, I have painstakingly carved the pieces shown in this post.

My first ever food carving. Features a 
Cantaloupe Dahlia with a turnip daisy 
and carrot tulips.

My second Cantaloupe Dahlia. On this one I
used the serrated tool for the rows 
of petals in the center.

My first Watermelon Rose, adorned
with 2 melon rind leaves and a turnip daisy.

Another shot of the 2nd Dahlia and the watermelon
together with turnip daisies.

Ok, so I know they're not great, but they're a start. Hopefully I will have some new pictures to display in the near future. Until then...


Lauren M.

P.S. Though this does not constitute as a 'food carving', it is a centerpiece. Our class created this pulled sugar tree adorned with hummingbirds as a group project. My humming bird is the one featured in the bottom picture with the white body and lime green wings.


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