Back and Ready for Action

Hi everyone!

After starting this blog and taking an unnecessary hiatus from it after only 2 posts, I am back, and ready for action.

So, what has changed in the past two years? Not much, to be perfectly honest. I am still a culinary student at San Diego Mesa College in San Diego, CA, but I am now approaching my final semesters at Mesa, and soon I will earn my A.S. in Culinary Arts, then hopefully transfer to SDSU to earn a B.A. in Journalism. I am also working on the Board of Directors as the Event Coordinator for the Mesa Culinary Club, which has helped me to earn recognition at the Student Leadership Dinner next month.

Now enough about me, I'm sure you wondering what can you expect from this blog in the future and why you should tune into to read it. I will be updating often with my perspective on San Diego's best restaurants, as well as posting about plating ideas, ideas about various flavor profiles, and my navigation of San Diego's competitive food industry.

Lauren M.

P.S. For anyone who is curious, I did develop a S'more Cake Recipe for my little brother's graduation cake in 2008. It consisted of a graham cracker flavored cake, chocolate ganache filling, and a marshmallow Fluff buttercream frosting. That was also my first time working with fondant.


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