Vado in Italia!

Here is the incredible, custom notebook that I purchased from
Irrobat Books at the Hillcrest Farmers Market in San Diego. It
features an antique replica map of the city of Turin.
Photo by Lauren J. Mapp

It has been a while (a little too long) since I have last posted to my blog, but I have been busy getting ready for some amazing new projects!

The most exciting piece of news for me as of late is that I was invited as a delegate to go to the 2014 Terra Madre and Salone del Gusto food and agriculture conference in Turin, Italy this October! Every two years, Slow Food organizes Terra Madre as a way to bring together people from around the world who wish to improve food production in terms of sustainability, health and the overall enjoyment of the food that we eat.
This info graphic from Slow
Food Martha's Vineyard
defines what it means for food
to be "good, clean and fair."
Source: Slow Food MV

Slow Food supports the principles of good ("enjoying delicious food created with care from healthy plants and animals"), clean ("nutritious food that is as good for the planet as it is for our bodies") and fair ("accessible to all, producers are fairly treated and compensated") food. The movement and it's supporters not only look at food from every perspective, from farm to table, but the organization also make great strides as far as preserving the traditional culinary practices in communities around the world where such traditions are dying out.

As a delegate, I will be able to interact with members of the international Slow Food community and take an active step toward working to improve the food system around the world. As a writer, I will have the unique opportunity to interview other delegates about the agricultural, political and anthropological aspects of food in the countries from which they hail. These interviews, along with the research that I have been conducting for the past few years will all come together in a book project that will serve as a world atlas with an emphasis on culinary traditions.

"Wildflowers in Cusco, Peru" is now
available as a postcard in my new
OffTheMapp Etsy shop!
While I am fortunate enough that the Slow Food USA organization will be taking care of the bulk of my expenses during the conference, I still am working on fundraising efforts to cover the cost of my flight. Please help me to raise the $1,600 that I'll need for my flight to Terra Madre by either purchasing a handmade greeting card through my brand new Etsy shop or by making a donation via PayPal. Any size donation will be much appreciated!

For more information about Terra Madre and Slow Food, read about the movement online and check out the video below as a preview to Terra Madre 2014. You can also read my "Letter of Support from Slow Food USA" in order to find out more about my involvement during this year's conference.


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