Papacho's in Cusco, Peru a must-stop restaurant for a burger

Pumpkin burger at Papacho's on Jan. 12, 2016
Photo Credit: Lauren J. Mapp
While traveling in Peru, surrounded by Incan and Spanish architecture from yesteryear, one might not plan to stop at a burger joint, but if you do want a break from traditional Peruvian cuisine, Papacho's is the place to go.

Located at Sta Catalina Angosta 115 near the Plaza de Armas in downtown Cusco, Papacho's is the gourmet burger restaurant from Chef Gastón Acurio, owner of Astrid & Gastón

The pumpkin burger is incredible, albeit a little mushy for a burger. The spicy radish and red onion slaw adds a bright spring flavor to the fall pumpkin taste. And these fries are perfectly cooked! 

Chicha Morada (Purple Corn Juice) at Papacho's in the Plaza de Armas, Cusco, Peru. Looks like beet juice, but its sweet and delicious flavor is unique and nothing like its lookalike. Unlike it's non-purple counterpart, Chicha Morada is non-alcoholic, so it doesn't have the fermented flavor of traditional Peruvian Chicha.
Chicha Morada at Papacho's on Jan. 12, 2016
Photo Credit: Lauren J. Mapp

I stopped at Papacho's during my explorative mission to find medicine for Peter, who had developed a flu or food poisoning, complete with a fever. I felt a little bad for enjoying lunch without him in the Plaza de Armas, but the food was delicious and I brought back a burger for him to eat when he started feeling better later that night.


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