A few of my favorite San Diego food spots

It is National Food Day, and to celebrate I decided to answer the most common question that I get asked: what’s my favorite restaurant in San Diego? Since answering the question for me would be a choice harder than Sophie’s, I have decided to highlight some of my favorite spots in the city.

Favorite Comfort Food: Pop Pie Co. 
University Heights

Before opening up shop in University Heights, I was passing by the “coming soon” sign and dreaming of pot pies for months. When Pop Pie Co. finally opened their doors in October of 2016 and I was hooked.

Flaky, buttery crusts enrobe each one of the delicacies at Pop Pie and the fillings are unlike any that I have ever tried before.  They do serve the traditional chicken and steak & ale pies, but the green hog & cheese — pulled pork with cheese — and the seasonal Turkey Pot Pie — filled with stuffing and served with a side of cranberry sauce — are must tries. For sides try the creamed corn and mashed potatoes with gravy.

For Dessert, try the Coconut Cream pie filled with a coconut pudding, long ribbons of fresh coconut and topped with whipped cream. The London Fog, with its base layer of chocolate ganache, Earl Grey pudding whipped cream and pistachios is another one of my favorites. 

To wash it all down, drink one of the beers on tap or try one of the Matcha Lemonades. I love their lattes even more than I enjoy their pies, especially with their house made Cardamom Pear Vanilla syrup. 

The turkey pot pie with cranberry sauce at Pop Pie Co.
Photo Credit: Lauren J. Mapp
Favorite Thai Food: Bahn Thai 
University Heights

Every time I pick up food from Bahn Thai I tell myself not to get the pineapple fried rice (again), and almost every time, I fail.

There are plenty of other flavorful dishes on the menu, but I am obsessed with the combination of the bright pineapple, the fresh cilantro, crunchy cashews and grilled shrimp — or chicken if I feel like mixing things up. 

Also try the crab rangoons, vegan Thai iced tea (made with coconut milk), avocado curry (when it is in season) and mango sticky rice.

Favorite Lobster Roll: Wicked Maine Lobster 
Farmers Market Stand 

Being from New England, I have very strong opinions about all seafood, but more so than anything, I am picky about my lobster rolls. 

Whether they are Maine-style (made with mayonnaise) or Connecticut style (lathered with buttered), they must be served in a buttered and grilled, split hot dog bun and they have to be delicious.

I have eaten almost every lobster roll in San Diego (to my knowledge, I am only missing the one at Ironside), and the one from Wicked Maine Lobster is by far the best. Try it with their mac’n’cheese and a whoopie pie. 

Since they’re a food stand they move quite a bit, but they can usually be found at the San Diego State and Hillcrest farmers markets.

Lobster roll and mac'n'cheese from Wicked
Maine Lobster at the San Diego State
University Farmers Market.
Photo Credit: Lauren J. Mapp

Favorite Cookies: The Cravory 
Point Loma and Carlsbad

If I were a muppet I would be the Cookie Monster, so trust me when I say that The Cravory makes the best cookies in San Diego.

Biting into their cookies, my first thoughts are always that they are fudgy, flavorful and decadent. They have the traditional chocolate chip cookies, but I prefer their red velvet, birthday cake, pancakes and bacon. 

In addition to the usual suspects, they always have a selection of cookies for the month. October’s “The Black Cat” — dark chocolate dough with Kit-Kat, blackberries and blackberry jam mixed in — is my favorite cookie at the moment. 

I usually buy their cookies at the farmers market stands, but they now have two brick and mortar locations as well in Carlsbad and Point Loma.


sweetser said…
Try Lobster West too -- they have 2 different locations in San Diego. Delish (but a bit expensive so has to be a treat!). Also, Cousin's Maine Lobster food truck is good & they have TATOR TOTS which is, of course, considered a national treasure of potato representation.
Lauren J. Mapp said…
I love Lobster West, as well, but I haven't had a chance to try Cousin's Maine Lobster yet. I am actually considering doing a post of all the lobster rolls in the city, since there are so many now. By the way Dr. Sweetser, I agree - tator tots ARE a national treasure!

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