Pretty in pink with flavor to matcha

A vegan strawberry donut and horchata matcha latte from
Holy Matcha in San Diego's North Park neighborhood.
Photo credit: Lauren J. Mapp
When I first heard of Holy Matcha in North Park, I honestly did not want to like it. Younger millennials were flocking there for its "Instagramability," and no one was mentioning the quality of the matcha drinks and food. 

As a devout coffee-drinker, it is hard for me to frequent any cafe that does not serve coffee, but I am glad that I took a chance and visited this spot. 

Pink and adorably-decorated, it is certainly just as Instagram-worthy as I had heard. A pink, neon sign that reads "You, me, matcha" hangs on the back wall, while other walls are decorated with pink paint and green, tropical leaf prints.

During my first visit in December, a large pink Christmas tree greeted guests as they walked in, with smaller trees on the individual tables.

The coloring of the food directly corresponds to the decor. Though everything I have eaten there has been pink or green (or decorated with edible flowers), I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food and beverages. 

Try the avocado toast, vegan strawberry donuts and the matcha horchata latte. 

Pico di gallo avocado toast and waffles from Holy Matcha.
Photo credit: Lauren J. Mapp


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