Announcing Wordless Wednesday with a visit to Ruby Beach in Olympic National Park

Abbey Island behind the rocks at Ruby Beach in the Olympic National Park.

Happy New Year! This seems like a fine time to switch things up around here.

I have tons of photos from past trips, and so little time to write posts about all of them, so instead of letting all these images collect dust in my hard drive, I'd like to formally announce Wordless Wednesday. 

Each week, I will (try to) post an image or collection of photos from a past trip, a meal I've cooked at home or a restaurant visit. Instead of dwelling on every fact and grammatical choice I include in the post, I will simply upload a collection of photos with short captions and a brief description.

First up on the Wordless Wednesday post roster: Ruby Beach.

During our honeymoon last year, I snapped these photos during our walk along Ruby Beach at the Olympic National Park on June 17. 

A cluster of shelled creatures amid the sea foam. 

A large rock looms over the beach.

Squid eggs lie on the sand of Ruby Beach. We saw these everywhere that day, and although they freaked us out, we had to Google what they were once we returned to the land of WiFi.

Rock window with a view.

Abbey Island, as the tide starts to roll back into shore.

Where the forest meets the sea.

All photos by Lauren J. Mapp


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