Take it easy at these 9 North Park restaurants in San Diego

Looking for a nice, inexpensive and casual meal in San Diego’s North Park neighborhood? Here are some of my favorite, go-to restaurants to stop by any day of the week.

Make sure to comment below with your favorite place to eat in North Park!

Gelati & Peccati

Whether you’re craving sweet gelato or savory, Roma-style pie, this North Park shop sells an inventive slate of gelato flavors and some of the city’s most delectable pizzas by the slice. My favorite slices at Gelati & Peccati are the lasagna and cacio e pepe.

three wooden boards topped with different types of square slices of pizza

Pete’s Seafood and Sandwich

No matter how long I live in Southern California, I’ll always be a New England girl at heart! 

For lobster rolls in North Park, look no further than Petes Seafood and Sandwich on 30th Street. I prefer the buttery goodness of a Connecticut-style lobster roll, but their Maine style is good, too!

a split hot dog roll filled with lobster meat

Kin Len

Although it’s one of the newest restaurants in North Park, Kin Len on 30th Street has quickly become one of my favorites. I like to start with a medley of their appetizers (chicken satay, grilled shrimp and crab Rangoon cigars) paired with the crab fried rice.

Urbn Pizza

You know a pizzeria is legit when you use its food truck to cater your wedding! The pies from Urbn Pizza are impressively large and delicious, with a soft thin crust base. We usually get the meatball pizza (pictured here) or the loaded potato pie, but you really can’t go wrong with any of their specialities.

a pizza with meatball slices, ricotta, red sauce and fresh basil leaves

Lucha Libre

I’m hopelessly in love with California burritos, and when it comes to North Park taco shops, Lucha Libre Taco Shop makes one of my favorites. Plus the decor inside and out is super kitschy and cute!

The Friendly Tavern

I used to think thick burgers piled high with tons of toppings were the best way to eat them, but now I’m all about the smashed burgers simply topped with grilled onions and cheese. For this style of burger, The Friendly is where it’s at.

a cheeseburger with the top bun off, showing the melted slice ofcheese

Saiko Sushi

When it comes to eating sushi in North Park, there’s only one place we regularly go: Saiko Sushi on University Avenue. Make sure to stop by for happy hour, where they have a wide menu of items on special, including the Saikorama roll.

Kemmem by Muzita

I’ve always loved Muzita Abyssinian Bistro in University Heights, and their newest restaurant location in North Park is just as good! When we stopped in for dinner the week Kemmem opened, we ordered the lamb plate with chicken and vegetarian sambusas.

a plate of Ethiopian food: injera topped with various stews, sambusas and vegetables

Tribute Pizza

With its beautiful location inside a refurbished, historical post office, Tribute Pizza has always been on the top of my San Diego pizza list. But during the most isolated days of the pandemic, it was our one reprieve from homemade dinners in what became a Friday night tradition. We usually get a Brooklyn’s Best or the weekly special.

a pizza with pesto, yellow and red tomatoes, and ricotta cheese

All photos and videos by Lauren J. Mapp

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