Tips for making traveling with a disability a smooth, enjoyable journey

Our recent trip to Europe was my first international vacation since starting my position as the caregiving and senior care reporter for The San Diego Union-Tribune. 

While I enjoyed all of the beautiful architecture, amazing museums and delicious foods we ate, I couldn't help but wonder how difficult it would be for someone with a disability to navigate parts of the continent. 

Quite a few trains let us off at platforms where there were only stairs — not an elevator, escalator or ramp — to move between platforms or up to the main part of the station.  Many restaurants — especially in Amsterdam and Prague — required long walks up or down narrow staircases to access the bathrooms, and some had upstairs dining rooms without any alternative ways to reach a table. 

I was still thinking about this weeks after I returned home from my trip, so for the June edition of our monthly Caregiver section, I spoke with disabled travel influencers to find out their top tips for traveling. 

It all comes down to research, and being prepared for anything. To find out what Lily Yu and Sylvia Longmire had to say, read my article online or in today's newspaper.

An ornately painted building in Prague. Lauren J. Mapp

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