Get ready to indulge! Coming soon, a deep dive into San Diego's local food scene on Substack

Some professional news...

Earlier this month, I left my full-time role at The San Diego Union-Tribune. The last five years have been a very wild and interesting time with reporting through a pandemic, building an Indigenous communities beat, navigating the ownership transition last summer and taking over coverage of politics in East County. 

I am beyond thankful to all the editors and teammates I worked with over these years at the paper, and for the thousands of San Diegans who entrusted me with sharing their stories with the world. I'm especially grateful to Juliet Hendrix, the editor who hired me and helped me learn about caregiving in San Diego County, and to Tarcy Connors, who took over as my editor during the pandemic guiding my continued growth as a reporter.

I'm proud of the accomplishments I've achieved during my time at the paper from the wide variety of topics I've dived into covering to the fellowships and awards I've earned. 

Chief among those honors is that in the nearly five years since I started at the paper, my California burrito story had the greatest number of conversions (people signing up as subscribers to read it) and was the eighth best read article published on our website with more than 100,000 viewers across that time. To think that many people read my review on such a delicious, regional dish is humbling, to say the least. 

What's next?

I am transitioning into freelance writing so I may more deeply cover topics outside the constraints of daily reporting. One of my first (and largest) projects will be co-writing a book with my mom about Indigenous food sovereignty, agriculture and culinary traditions. 

Next month, I will be launching a Substack — San Diego Tides & Tacos — to cover the local food scene, with weekly stories focused on everything from where to find the best version of various dishes to deep dives on niche topics within the culinary and agricultural space. While it won't be live for a few more weeks, you can subscribe now for free so you're alerted as soon as I start publishing. 


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