Tasting Tijuana: A day trip across the border leaves me craving another round

From coffee to cocktails, our recent food journey highlights some of Tijuana's vibrant dining scene

Any conversation about food in the San Diego region isn’t complete without also discussing the culinary scene in Tijuana.

While I have not spent a ton of time eating around the city, I did have a great experience dining at Mision 19 in February 2020. 

Last month, Michelin released its first edition guide to Mexico, which includes nods to four restaurants in Tijuana: Tacos El Franc, Carmelita Molino y Cocina, Mision 19 and Oryx.  

Given the recent honors, my husband and I thought it was time we finally made it back to Tijuana for our first culinary adventure there since before the pandemic. So on Saturday, we woke up early to grab a cold brew and an iced cinnamon latte from James Coffee, then caught the trolley to San Ysidro to spend a day eating our way across the city.

While my personal knowledge of Tijuana's culinary scene continues to grow, I'll share about our Saturday escapade walking across the city to various restaurants and bars.

This is an excerpt from my newest food writing project, San Diego Tides & Tacos. Visit this article on Substack to read about all the amazing foods and drinks we tasted during our recent day trip to Tijuana.


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