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Hiking around Iceland’s breathtaking sites

Traveling to Iceland in the summer means missing out on seeing the northern lights, but one of the biggest summer draws is the ability to hike on various trails during a trip around the Ring Road.

Hiking throughout the land of fire and ice is a great way to observe the gorgeous terrain and geological landmarks of the island. Keep in mind, while hiking in Iceland, the weather can be fairly unpredictable, so be sure to be equipped with water-resistant hiking books and an all weather jacket.


There’s nothing quite as thrilling, beautiful and horribly frightening as being lowered 700 feet into a volcano — even if it has been dormant for about 4,000 years.

Guided hiking tours into Þríhnúkagígur include taking a bus from Reykjavik to a ski resort in the surrounding lava field before walking the two  mile trail to the base camp. Inside the camp, you will receive a helmet and harness, then smaller tour groups will hike to the top of the volcano to be lowered into the magma chambe…

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