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The grossest thing I'll probably never eat (Spoiler alert: it's fermented shark)

When I travel, I love to be adventurous and try the foods that are unique to the region I am visiting.

As a result, I have eaten Guinea pig and alpaca in Peru, veal brain in Italy, venison in Munich, blood sausage in England, crickets in New Mexico, edible insect cookies, chicha (a beer fermented by chewing and spitting corn) from Bolivia, escargot in Paris, durian fruit, and many other dishes that we don't generally consume as part of the mainstream, American culinary culture.

I am lucky in that I am neither picky nor allergic to any foods (aside from some yogurts and kombucha), so not knowing the language that a menu is presented to me in is generally not an issue.

While I pride myself in the fact that I will try almost anything from anywhere, there have been two dishes that I couldn't bring myself to eat while I was traveling in Iceland: whale and fermented shark.

During my two trips to the land of fire and ice, I considered the possibility of trying both. I ultimately dec…

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