Cats nap throughout Parque Kennedy in Lima, Peru

If you're ever walking around Miraflores in Lima, Peru, you'll likely stumble upon Parque Kennedy, home to approximately 10,000 cats. 

I may (definitely) be exaggerating, but whether you're having a picnic, using the park's free WiFi (yes, that's actually a thing there) or taking a walk through the neighborhood, you are guaranteed to encounter dozens of cats lounging among the flowers and tree branches.

In the evenings, as musicians busk throughout the park, visitors can also sample a variety of Peruvian street food vendors. 

Served crispy, hot and drizzled with honey, the picarones (fried donuts made from sweet potato flour) are a must-try dessert during a visit to Miraflores. Be sure to wash them down with a glass of Chicha Morada, a sweet, purple corn juice flavored with cloves, cinnamon and sugar.

These photos were taken during a trip to Peru in January 2016 with my mom, Aunt Dee and husband Peter.

A gray cat grooms itself in a flower bed among pointed red-orange flowers
This flower bed seems like the perfect place to start a kitty salon.

several cats lay on the branches of a tree
Several cats share the branches of a tree in Parque Kennedy as they take their naps.

one gray cat walks along a sidewalk next to a field of short cut green grass
A gray cat prowls along the sidewalk in the park.

Picarones – crispy, sweet potato donuts drizzled with honey – make the perfect nightcap for a
nighttime visit to Parque Kennedy in Lima.

All photos by Lauren J. Mapp

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