Chasing the Seljalandsfoss waterfall along the ring road in Iceland

Driving around Iceland, it's often more difficult to avoid seeing beautiful geological structures than it is to search for them.

Route 1 – commonly referred to as the Ring Road, since it encircles the entire island – is built to bring you up close to many a waterfall, volcano, glacier and glacial lake, so everywhere you look there is something new to see. 

Seljalandsfoss, a waterfall section of the Seljalandsá river, drops 200 feet off a cliff along The Ring Road. Lauren J. Mapp

On the first day of our road trip through Iceland in May 2017, we made a stop to walk around Seljalandsfoss, a waterfall with a 200-foot drop over a cliff along the Seljalandsá river, according to Guide to Iceland. The river gets its water from the Eyjafjallajökull glacier, and the cliff it cascades over is believed to have once been been the Icelandic coastline.

The coolest part about this waterfall is the path that takes into the cliff to view it from behind.

Seljalandsfoss crashes over the cliffs, in front of a pathway that
brings visitors behind the waterfall.

The cliffs at Seljalandsfoss are believed to have once been the Icelandic coastline.

Another, smaller waterfall cascades over the cliffside close to Seljalandsfoss.

Water crashes over the moss-covered rocks along a stream.

Marsh Marigolds, caltha palustris, grow along the river.

Marsh Marigolds are poisonous when eaten raw, but edible when cooked.

Peter and I pose for a photo in front of Seljalandsfoss as
another tourist takes our photo.

Photos by Lauren J. Mapp


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