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San Diego summer vibes emanate from curated experience by Callie Chef Travis Swikard

Earthy saffron, bright citrus and luxurious olive oil made my first culinary kit a memorable meal As a culinary school graduate and lover of food, I enjoy preparing extravagant meals at home that play with seasonal ingredients, overarching themes and refreshing drink pairings. While the appeal of minimized prep work and cleanup by using a prepared food kit is not lost on me, I am usually wary of letting someone else take the creative reins of my stovetop and have never been compelled to order one. But then I saw the Savor San Diego Culinary Kit last month and immediately grabbed my credit card. Sold by Cocktail Courier, the kit is a collaboration between Callie founder and Chef Travis Swikard, San Diego Tourism Authority and Eater, created to share the tastes of summer in San Diego with home cooks across the country.  “We wanted to give the outside world a taste of what we do in San Diego, and a lot of that has to do with the feeling of sunshine,” Swikard said.  This is an excerpt from

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